PS Home active users on the rise for some perverse reason

PlayStation Home may be a big pile of wank, but that hasn’t stopped the “service” being downloaded 6.5 million times since launch, proving humanity’s lust for all things mediocre. According to Home directer Peter Edwards, the number of users that have been sampling the “delights” of Home is on the rise. Yes, people have gone into Home, thought, “This looks like a good idea,” and then stayed there.

“I think it’s gone very well – I’m very pleased,” he explains. “We went to open beta in December and since then we’ve had something like 6.5 million downloads. We’ve got a very healthy active user base, and we’re finding as well that people aren’t just churning, they’re returning – which is obviously key for something like this.

“You start off with everybody interested in what’s going on, people come along and have a look around, and that then starts to tail off – but you get to a point where people come back. There’s more and more content going in, there are more things to do, and people come back to have a look around – and then they realize there’s loads of content.”

He also adds that there are “more people coming back than leaving,” so there are those that did not try Home once, then hurriedly wiped it from their hard drives in horror. Well, congratulations to Sony for finding something that resonates with the general public. It may be dumb, but dumb is what the people want. One cannot begrudge Sony’s success in that department.

Jim Sterling