Project Origin shaping up to be a big ol’ gorefest

So you liked F.E.A.R., but you would have liked less scares and more flying guts? You’re about to get happy in a way you should probably enjoy in the privacy of your own home (translation: where people cannot see you), because some new screenshots from the upcoming sequel Project Origin have surfaced, and there are copious amounts of blood flying about (although if you’re hoping for Ichi The Killer-level gore, I’m afraid we aren’t quite there yet.)

CVG has all the new screens, which definitely make me more excited about the game (which was actually named as part of the “Name Your Fear” contest that Monolith Productions held back in 1997.) Apparently, Monolith also recently sent a care package to Kotaku that contained diapers as a part of their campaign for the game to keep gamers from soiling themselves.  If our own Editor-in-Chief received this thoughtful gift, he chose not to mention it to the staff, which makes me wonder what kind of home life he has.

[Thanks Adam!]

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