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Dark Souls III: The Ringed City"It's the end of Souls as we know it, and I feel fine"


Everything"Get one with the universe"


Fast RMX"An F-Zero by any other name would still play as sweet"


1-2-Switch"1-2-$30 overpriced"


NieR: Automata"The best Platinum joint since Bayonetta 2"


Nintendo Switch"RIP Wii U, welcome, Switch"


River City Ransom: Underground"Punch, kick, it's all in the BARF!"


Ride 2"I (kinda) wanna take you for a ride"


For Honor"Death by a thousand cuts"


Horizon Zero Dawn"Dino-might"


Sniper Elite 4"Is it OK to shoot a Nazi in the nuts?"


Halo Wars 2"Brute by Brute"


Fire Emblem Heroes"The sweet spot"


Nioh"I can be your Oni, baby"


Tales of Berseria"'Magikazam!'"


Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World"He's half Joe Camel and a third Fonzarelli"

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I said so long and thanks for all the fish to a colleague She look at me like I was Zaphod Must remember normal people usually dont get nerdy references :(


Overwatch mousepad is a necessary thing to have if you are a fan of The game has been a huge hit ever since its release last year and has taken the world of gaming by


Finished SRW V last night, enjoyed it Now to get the last 7 memories in BOTW+defeat Ganon, and to finish Yakuza 0 before Persona 5 comes


I just submitted my first contribution to PhotoShopBattles over on Lets hope they dont hate I threw in a little something for you guys too:


Noob the online child Noob, Noob, After he leaves we mount a tremendous comeback in Rocket Ah, i say to out-loud to Who is the Noob I dont bother replying to


I need to poop extraordinarily


Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda, Im gonna romance the sexy, slender but she would be more satisfied with the big, strong krogan You know what they say, once you go Drack, you dont go And if it aint krogan, she aint


Link did battle with my Ryder this weekend over who would suck up all my game It was a tie - I played BoTW all day Sat & MEA all day Highpoints: the sword pic below; Peebee is Best Animated Alien in Lowpoint: Voeld is an ice

Dangus Taargus

Where all the Rain World reviews at internet?


Already quit my 4th attempt of Skyward Sword amidst the first Ive always hated the way it patronized the player with repeating information and overt solutions, but after I absolutely despise I am actually dumber for having played


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