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Fortnite (Switch)"Build a fort, last the night (wait it's basically just battle royale now)"


Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido"A matcher with savory flair"


BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle"Or, Persona X BlazBlue X UnderNight X RWBY"




Vampyr"White vampires can't jump"


Solo: A Star Wars Story"Han 'MacGuffin' Solo"


Dark Souls Remastered"Yeah, I'm prepared to die again"


Runner3"Lets-a go"


Deadpool 2"Doubles down on everything, for the better"


Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux"Strange things are happening to me"


Destiny 2: Warmind"Does naming your kid Rasputin have a negative impact on their childhood?"


Dragon's Crown Pro"If you decide to purchase again, turn to page 32"


Avengers: Infinity War"This is not going to go the way you think"


BattleTech"Mechs and minions"


The Invisible Hours"Peeping Thomas Edison"


God of War (PS4)"Atreus is my son"


Rampage"Needs more rampaging"


Gal Gun 2"Love glue-gunning"


Extinction"Attack on the titan, Shrek"


A Quiet Place"Shhhhhhh"


Minit"Time flies"

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Steel Squirrel

Did I miss a memo about the front page not being in chronological order anymore?


Heyyy new Tales game indev for


I made one of the E3 games #BetterThanTorchman


About 12 hours until I get on the Sorted out some flight entertainment (since the Switch wont last the whole The My Hero book is for my I didnt know what to get He likes the anime and it seemed like a funny side


Happy fathers day to all you breeders out


So, after posting my office setup on the BattleStations subreddit, a guy from the company OPSEAT contacted me and offered to send me a free chair in exchange if I take some pictures of it inside my Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

Chris Moyse

‪I was just stung by a wasp for the first time in 30

Sir Shenanigans

You guys keep talking about “games” at E3 and Im wondering where we’re all seeing that

Mike Sounders

Everyones making these fancy photos to show their E3 games, and Im sitting here without the skills to make anything like


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