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Scanner Sombre"Are you afraid of the dark?"


Dragon Quest Heroes II"Marginally greater heroism"


Puyo Puyo Tetris"Pop and lock"


What Remains of Edith Finch"Such sweet sorrow"


Little Nightmares"Heart-pounding terror leaves you hungry for more"


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe"Oh hey, a real battle mode"


Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap"'The Dragon Strap' is a much different game"


Voodoo Vince Remastered"Who do you voodoo? Voodoo won't woo you"


Snake Pass"Mamba No. 6"


The Sexy Brutale"Of masks and murders"


Rivals of Aether"Here comes a new challenger! "


Yooka-Laylee"::Insert gibberish here::"


PaRappa the Rapper Remastered"Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind"


Mario Sports Superstars "The Sanchize of the franchise"


Toukiden 2"Big Game Hunting"


Thimbleweed Park"Goofy Pixel Noir"


Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus"Vanity mirror on the wall, who's the biggest bro of them all?"


Persona 5"Phantom Thieves stole my heart"


Hollow Knight"Hollow from the other side, I must have died a thousand times"


Dark Souls III: The Ringed City"It's the end of Souls as we know it, and I feel fine"


Everything"Get one with the universe"

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Is anyone even excited for Tekken


End Times for


Ive officially posted my 100th track to my SoundCloud! Pardon the lack of a YouTube link for convenience, but Ive provided a SoundCloud link in the Its a final boss track Im hoping to have polished up for my now reworked SMT passion

Load of Bollocks

I hope that all of you know that Im counting EVERY SINGLE TIME you use my name as a pun! Im gonna tell on you! My dad will beat you up! (Pictured: My dad)


About 90 hours (sans guides), 87 shrines, almost all the memories, 200 something Koroks, and the Master Sword, I just cant bring myself to start finishing the game Its so damn good I dont want the experience to Can I still play after Ganon?


My good friend, Dustin (Star Versus, The released a new game today, Filthy Head over to his page and check it Support your indies! Did I mention its free?


Been getting a ton of solid feedback on my writing and design works as of late, especially with Streams of Feels like Im making great strides with my craft, which is going to come in handy as Im thinking of broadening my skills

Nathan D

Pre 2B outfit DLC: I dont really get why everyone thinks Kat is so I mean shes fine, but nothing super Post 2B outfit DLC:


So, all done with finals, which means Im At the same time, that last exam went so incredibly poorly that I now have no motivation do

Rad Party God

Ive found quite a few minor blemishes on Bayonettas PC port, like antialiasing not working except for 2x and even then, it messes up with the contrast, also the framerate is all over the place in certain areas and not even Freesync can solve


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