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What Remains of Edith Finch"Such sweet sorrow"


Little Nightmares"Heart-pounding terror leaves you hungry for more"


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe"Oh hey, a real battle mode"


Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap"'The Dragon Strap' is a much different game"


Voodoo Vince Remastered"Who do you voodoo? Voodoo won't woo you"


Snake Pass"Mamba No. 6"


The Sexy Brutale"Of masks and murders"


Rivals of Aether"Here comes a new challenger! "


Yooka-Laylee"::Insert gibberish here::"


PaRappa the Rapper Remastered"Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind"


Mario Sports Superstars "The Sanchize of the franchise"


Toukiden 2"Big Game Hunting"


Thimbleweed Park"Goofy Pixel Noir"


Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus"Vanity mirror on the wall, who's the biggest bro of them all?"


Persona 5"Phantom Thieves stole my heart"


Hollow Knight"Hollow from the other side, I must have died a thousand times"


Dark Souls III: The Ringed City"It's the end of Souls as we know it, and I feel fine"


Everything"Get one with the universe"


Fast RMX"An F-Zero by any other name would still play as sweet"

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Bob The God Lawyer

One of my new favorite artists did this a while ago and i forgot to share it! Link to their tumblr in comments


I have decided that I do not like working in an Im trying to find employment as a This sitting behind a desk thing is just not for


I am scared of the moment google translate becomes accurate, because then people who dont understand a language will be The Chinese room of a modern


Remember, kids, that despite Gundy claiming to love a show about animal friends, he sent all his Nep Nep friends to their deaths, and should never be #GundyWasWrong

Nathan D

Found a copy of House of the Dead 2 on Dreamcast and forgot how cool that logo Maybe Im biased since I first saw it in the arcade as a kid, but I always thought that distorted silhouette being beckoned by the hand was pretty damn


Guess I need to start working out Man, Im fat, often tired, and could easily went into a deep slumber if I want


Played through the Fallout New Vegas DLC Honest Pretty linear, but a decent You get companions with whom possess the personality of your run of the mill Also five hours into the Witcher Last Wish audiobook, such a fun time!

Gundy Nepbane

Mfw I stumble upon a treasure trove of Kemono Friends


Poor the face says it

the navi is a lie

I randomly decided to boot up my PS2 and play Max Payne for the first time and HOLY SHIT is it


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