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Fast RMX"An F-Zero by any other name would still play as sweet"


1-2-Switch"1-2-$30 overpriced"


NieR: Automata"The best Platinum joint since Bayonetta 2"


Nintendo Switch"RIP Wii U, welcome, Switch"


River City Ransom: Underground"Punch, kick, it's all in the BARF!"


Ride 2"I (kinda) wanna take you for a ride"


For Honor"Death by a thousand cuts"


Horizon Zero Dawn"Dino-might"


Sniper Elite 4"Is it OK to shoot a Nazi in the nuts?"


Halo Wars 2"Brute by Brute"


Fire Emblem Heroes"The sweet spot"


Nioh"I can be your Oni, baby"


Tales of Berseria"'Magikazam!'"


Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World"He's half Joe Camel and a third Fonzarelli"


Candleman"Lighting Returns"


Double Dragon IV"Billy and Jimmy Lee ride again"

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Jed Whitaker

Smack that follow button, mash that like button, finger that donate button, massage that Patreon, suck on my Amazon Wish List, and choke my Kickstarter till it


Someone rang my parents doorbell and left this on the As the most urban person my mom knows, she asked me if this is a Gang

Kaleido Ruby

Here ya 40 minutes of what I did

The Dyslexic Laywer

So the Ys series is on sale, what are peoples thoughts on the franchise?

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Ugh, I really wanted to try and stream Doom4 nightmare, especially since no one in the house, but I think Im getting sick and throat Guess Ill just practice it, try and do Ultra Nightmare m1 for a bit never did beat


Was stuck at a late dinner so I literally connected to the TGI Fridays WiFi and played a couple rounds of the Testfire Man the game is still It actually feels weird playing on the Joy-cons, not sure if I prefer with or without motion

Czar Kazem

Decided to watch Psycho earlier and remembered I had this little

Kaleido Ruby

If this would have been online-ready like FightCade the stories people would be able to tell on this The game can be frustratingly difficult as well as The music is also Shame that they didnt modernize


Yall really need to start calling it


As a complete newcomer to the series, Splatoon 2 was A LOT of fun!! Matchmaking was perfect, controls are tight, and I can easily see this becoming addicting as f@%k! I especially liked how you could remix/DJ the music in the multiplayer lobby!


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