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Fast RMX"An F-Zero by any other name would still play as sweet"


1-2-Switch"1-2-$30 overpriced"


NieR: Automata"The best Platinum joint since Bayonetta 2"


Nintendo Switch"RIP Wii U, welcome, Switch"


River City Ransom: Underground"Punch, kick, it's all in the BARF!"


Ride 2"I (kinda) wanna take you for a ride"


For Honor"Death by a thousand cuts"


Horizon Zero Dawn"Dino-might"


Sniper Elite 4"Is it OK to shoot a Nazi in the nuts?"


Halo Wars 2"Brute by Brute"


Fire Emblem Heroes"The sweet spot"


Nioh"I can be your Oni, baby"


Tales of Berseria"'Magikazam!'"


Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World"He's half Joe Camel and a third Fonzarelli"


Candleman"Lighting Returns"


Double Dragon IV"Billy and Jimmy Lee ride again"

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The German WWI Paris guns were used to shell Paris (no way) from up to 120 km Their shells were the first human-made objects to reach the Think about

Khalid Eternal Nigh

2 New Gorillaz songs being dropped right now on BBC1 First one very 2nd one is THUMPY and Albarn said what he likes about Gorillaz is he can kind of do whatever he wants and A Gorillaz telltale game would be neat

Hypno Coffin

I know its wrong of me, but I often get really annoyed when people in a class of mine hold things up because they whine about not getting something thats super fucking obvious to the How do these people get dressed in the

Rad Party God

2017 in a nutshell thus

Ein on Shrooms

@Scrustle You took me down a rabbit hole of After seeing the Bukkake Pancakes earlier by we have what one youtube commenter called John


I spent the last 2 hours watch Dave Chappelles new Dude is still fucking


Finally completed DOOM I & Great games, although I still wasnt used to FPS, and I dont feel like playing the Master Onto Quake I & II, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood, and Redneck Rampage


An opinion or a job, you decide which one you want and you cant have

Khalid Eternal Nigh

0:37 That was the weakest backhand pimp slap Ive ever 0:53 All I can think of is Campbells Soup Slogan Mmm Mmm Good 2:27 He is doing everything he can to cock block her from the


So hey, I havent touched my wacom tablet in years because reasons so anyway, who wants to stroke my ego?


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