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God of War (PS4)"Atreus is my son"


Rampage"Needs more rampaging"


Gal Gun 2"Love glue-gunning"


Extinction"Attack on the titan, Shrek"


A Quiet Place"Shhhhhhh"


Minit"Time flies"


TERA (PS4)"Blast some big ass monsters"


Penny-Punching Princess"Whip out that calculator"


Ready Player One"Insert nerdy culture reference here"


A Way Out"This place is a prison, these people aren't your friends"


Sea of Thieves"Que sera, sera"


Pacific Rim: Uprising"You Can (Not) Advance"


Detective Pikachu"A bolt of brilliance?"


Tomb Raider"Not nearly enough rebar through the abdomen"


Kirby Star Allies"HIIIIIIIIII"


Fear Effect Sedna"The more things change..."


Death Wish"Timing is everything and nothing"


Moss"A little game with a big heart"


Fable Fortune"I am my original character, Blearthstone"


Metal Gear Survive"A tale of two games"


Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition"Take this Bro'd trip on a road trip"

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Saw a guy in a Bálor Club Yelled out ‘Bálor Club!’ And he came over and gave me the too Good to see wrestling fans in public!


WQT (Im living on the edge: 20 min until Thursday where I live)! Is there a game that you cherished as a kid but you find bad now that youre grown-up?


God of War is coming out and this song is all I can think


There’s a girl here wearing a jean jacket that says ‘your waifu is trash’


Latest entry of COTW is coming up in a few moments, and contrary to this It is time to sleep for -Tree


Rico will be streaming some Stardew Valley for the next couple hours for anyone Nice relaxed stream with a hint of Whats that? You said Rico posted the same message? Why, he and nobody showed! Get in there, you ingrates!

Rico the Penguin

Ill be streaming some Stardew Valley for the next couple hours for anyone Nice relaxed stream with a hint of murder:

Colonial bong264

May I say, ork painters have my Checker patterns are a bitch! Just gotta do a little clean up on the grass and this outrider is

Raiku Destructoids Champion

Morpho, if youre out there, this ones for


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