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Splatoon 2"Stay just as fresh"


Get Even"A flawed gem"


Castlevania (Season 1)"That's four! Four episodes! Ha-ha-ha! "


Spider-Man: Homecoming"'Like a streak of light, he arrives just in time'"


Kirby's Blowout Blast"A mini game for a mini hero"


Little Witch Academia (Season 1) "My name is Akko and I love to get Wakko"


Elite Dangerous"2017: A Space Odyssey"


Micro Machines World Series"A flawed form of flattery"


Early Access Oxygen Not Included"A new sort of familiar madness"


Tokyo Xanadu"Kubla Khan't quite recommend"


Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer"You might need to swear a blood oath to pay for it"


Arizona Sunshine"Down with the sickness"


Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto"Shooty shooty bang bang"


New Nintendo 2DS XL"Not the best of its kind, but still pretty great"


Nex Machina"Arcade bliss"


RPG Maker Fes"Do-it-yourself"


Ever Oasis"You're my wonderwall"


Arms"Noodling around"


Mighty Gunvolt Burst"More Mighty than Mighty No. 9"

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On Air Fish

I need ARMS and Splatoon 2! I miss playing with ma friends!


#ThrashMetalThursday Wow this sure is heavy


#ThrashMetalThursday Calm down Ahab! Its just a fucking white whale!


Baby Driver is so New Kingsman trailer seems New Blade Runner 2049 trailer looks Cant wait for Atomic Blonde next And you guys have less than 48 hours to get some wang from Lo Wang from the Humble Store for

able to think

For some reason Best Buy decided to send out my amiibo preorders in five separate Why they couldnt just put them in one is beyond me but it means Ill have to play recycle bin Tetris I really need to just get a fire


@Xeo is speaking my language! #ThrashMetalThursday!!! Love this band to bits!! And the video is wicked funny, worth a watch even if metal aint your


Lunch time!


Happy fucking #thrashmetalthursday! This one goes out to all of my fellow freethinkers out there!

Raiku Shackleford

Fun fact, the face on the bike is made from #bootlegtoid


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