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Toukiden 2"Big Game Hunting"


Thimbleweed Park"Goofy Pixel Noir"


Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus"Vanity mirror on the wall, who's the biggest bro of them all?"


Persona 5"Phantom Thieves stole my heart"


Hollow Knight"Hollow from the other side, I must have died a thousand times"


Dark Souls III: The Ringed City"It's the end of Souls as we know it, and I feel fine"


Everything"Get one with the universe"


Fast RMX"An F-Zero by any other name would still play as sweet"


1-2-Switch"1-2-$30 overpriced"


NieR: Automata"The best Platinum joint since Bayonetta 2"


Nintendo Switch"RIP Wii U, welcome, Switch"


River City Ransom: Underground"Punch, kick, it's all in the BARF!"


Ride 2"I (kinda) wanna take you for a ride"


For Honor"Death by a thousand cuts"


Horizon Zero Dawn"Dino-might"


Sniper Elite 4"Is it OK to shoot a Nazi in the nuts?"


Halo Wars 2"Brute by Brute"

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Were having pizza tonight for I started daydreaming about pizza and literally got a little afternoon sure thats normal


That destiny 2 trailer was legit Kill Gary!


I dont want to start drama around here, but are people actually upset that Danny Rand in the Netflix Iron Fist show is played by a white guy? Cause hes white in the comics I know hes not a well known character, but seriously, google shit


Finally found a place selling a Nintendo Switch I can afford!

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Rumor has it that Destiny 2 will very likely get a PC Yay? EDIT: Its not a rumor anymore, its officially

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Nearly 48 hours ago I ordered a eShop card from Game I stil havent received my download Last time I had to call their customer service I was on hold 20 All this for


Welp, thats Dark Souls III and inFAMOUS: Second Son running at a seemingly consistent 45-60fps (cant tell if its definitively 60 or not) on my PS4 Two games that DESPERATELY needed an Im liking this investment thus far!


Apparently destructoids brand of disqus and ad block are no longer cooperating with each Granted I really only used adblock here to block certain **explicit** photos while at That being said do any of yall know of good image blockers?


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