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Little Nightmares"Heart-pounding terror leaves you hungry for more"


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe"Oh hey, a real battle mode"


Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap"'The Dragon Strap' is a much different game"


Voodoo Vince Remastered"Who do you voodoo? Voodoo won't woo you"


Snake Pass"Mamba No. 6"


The Sexy Brutale"Of masks and murders"


Rivals of Aether"Here comes a new challenger! "


Yooka-Laylee"::Insert gibberish here::"


PaRappa the Rapper Remastered"Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind"


Mario Sports Superstars "The Sanchize of the franchise"


Toukiden 2"Big Game Hunting"


Thimbleweed Park"Goofy Pixel Noir"


Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus"Vanity mirror on the wall, who's the biggest bro of them all?"


Persona 5"Phantom Thieves stole my heart"


Hollow Knight"Hollow from the other side, I must have died a thousand times"


Dark Souls III: The Ringed City"It's the end of Souls as we know it, and I feel fine"


Everything"Get one with the universe"


Fast RMX"An F-Zero by any other name would still play as sweet"


1-2-Switch"1-2-$30 overpriced"

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Finally, Persona 5 OST now available on The price even more higher than I expected but I grab it


I found a thing in Wonder Boy that feels like a cheat yet also feels like a natural progression of skills youd get in the game, and now Im Pressing Jump + Up + Attack switches characters on the fly; was I supposed to know about this?


Woo! All shields, armors and swords including the Gallic Some of those Unknown levels for the Charm Stones are seriously fucking annoying!

Papa Niero

I used to work with this dude that would blast Robin daily, and To this day it cracks me up


Scaramouch said what we were all What an awesome episode though with all the

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Long day at con + going to see a AotW Monday instead of Onto good Check out who I met and Silicon Valley Comic Con today! Its wrong how beautiful she is at 67 (68 next month

Pixie The Fairy

We dont like having to close comments and hide quickposts, but the threshold for being lewd and giving too much information has become regularly exceeded of Easy rule of thumb: If you dont want to be caught with it at work/school, dont post

The Dyslexic Laywer

As Im watching Iron Fist Im reminded that its disheartening to see asian actresses being reduced to exotic girlfriends for the white


A title that I dont really see brought up a lot is It was a sword fighting game that boasted Hong Kong cinema type action and it was kind of awesome! Not the greatest game but the sword fighting had pretty dope

Pixie The Fairy

Season 4 seems about the right time for a holodeck


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