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Horizon Zero Dawn"Dino-might"


Sniper Elite 4"Is it OK to shoot a Nazi in the nuts?"


Halo Wars 2"Brute by Brute"


Fire Emblem Heroes"The sweet spot"


Nioh"I can be your Oni, baby"


Tales of Berseria"'Magikazam!'"


Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World"He's half Joe Camel and a third Fonzarelli"


Candleman"Lighting Returns"


Double Dragon IV"Billy and Jimmy Lee ride again"


Resident Evil 7 biohazard"You're about to see something wonderful"


Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue"Darkness hearts heart of darkness"


Yakuza 0"Rise of the Dragon"


Gravity Rush 2"That's so Raven"




Super Mario Run"It'sa me, mediocrity"


Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero"I whip my hair back and forth"


Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS"Size matters, even if the motions are similar"

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For those getting the Switch: You can claim a User ID for it now through your My Nintendo


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So it seems like the first half of my tax return Before it was listed as pending for tomorrow to my bank account, but now its The state site just says its pending, but nothing Huh?


Ive never played Papers, Please but the first time I saw it this was where my mind Glad to see it became a digital


How is it that Tachi banana can kill me in 2 or 3 slashes, but when I stab him through the stomach with a spear, he shrugs it off like nothing? Also, how much cardio has this guy been doing? He has stamina for daaaaaays,

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#ArbitraryQuestiontoid: Have you ever played a traditional roleplaying game (like, the kind with pen and paper - whether with actual paper or on a computer or online)? Whats your favorite game?

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Spring has taken a week long trip to my area just in time for my 3-day For some reason this album reminds me of So here you go, freaky Icelandic electronica for the beginning of your


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