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star trek online: news and videos


star trek online

It's hard to believe that it's been seven years since I started playing Star Trek Online, but there's no denying it today, as developer Cryptic Studios rolls out its latest seasonal content update, "Season 12: Reckoning". As per tradition, the anniversary celebration will have a passel of rewards available for participating players, including a new, top-tier playable starship, one inspired by classic UFO sightings (read: It's a big triangle). 

The update also includes a new story mission featuring for the first time the Tzenkethi, an alien that, while mentioned in Trek canon as an alien race the Federation once warred with, has never been visualized. Cryptic designed the Tzenkethi based on descriptions by Deep Space Nine writer Robert Wolfe. The results look a bit like reptilian, four-armed versions of Halo's Hunters. Further, the mission will include a role for Star Trek alumnus Tony Todd, who played Worf's brother Kurn.

With each event, of course, comes new opportunities to sell players stuff, and a new, original series-themed loot box. One of the highlights of the offering is a never-produced refitted version of Enterprise's NX-01 starship. The refit was originally intended for a debut at the end of the show's fourth season (Enterprise only lasted three), and would've added a secondary hull below the saucer, bringing it more in line with classic Star Trek design philosophy.

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