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inFamous: Second Son

Ahead of the PlayStation 4 Pro dropping next Thursday, Sucker Punch has put out updates for inFamous: Second Son and the standalone inFamous: First Light that refine the games' visuals. There's now support for high-dynamic range imaging (HDR) and 4K televisions, assuming you have the necessary setup to take advantage of such upgrades. Reminder: You don't need a Pro to see HDR benefits.

It's worth noting that these updates come in at 3.6GB and 2.5GB, respectively, and if you let them download, that's wasted space if you aren't yet equipped to handle HDR or 4K with the right TV.

This will become a bigger deal as more existing PS4 games get these sorts of "Pro" patches, but I do hope that Sony and developers keep this situation from spiraling out of control for folks who don't switch to PS4 Pro. Storage management is a tricky-enough balancing act as is.

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