earthbound: news and videos



By the time EarthBound hit, I was pretty well-versed in JRPGs (my first was Dragon Warrior as a kid) -- but that wasn't the case for everyone else. For those of you who haven't played it yet, Nintendo has a new miniseries up on its official channel called "Backlog Buster," which has Big N employees Kit & Krysta travel through classic games they haven't experienced before.

This is going to be a remedial "Let's Play" type of situation for any EarthBound fan, but if you've been waiting to pull the trigger, the video should give you some sort of idea of what the wacky game entails as an outsider. Sadly, I never owned the game (I only rented it), and I'm extremely jealous of my friend who still has his original cartridge with the Player's Guide.

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