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Best Buy is doing buy one, get one for 3DS games this week

Like the DS before it, the 3DS is becoming one of my favorite platforms. Now that we are several years into its life, it has a pretty great selection of first and third-party games. There are enough now that I have fallen behind on getting ...

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Review: Yoshi's New Island

The original Yoshi's Island is one of my favorite Mario games of all time. I don't know if it's the numerous and remarkably unique boss battles or the whimsical charm of throwing strategically bounced eggs, but it really resonated...

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This live action Yoshi commercial is bonkers

Have you ever wanted to see a giant Yoshi egg wreck someone's backyard? Well now you can. Nintendo has been loving these live action commercials for a while, and now there's a new one for Yoshi's New Island. Despite the ridiculousness of t...


Supercute Yoshi-themed 3DS XL coming to North America

*blehlm* Remember that Yoshi 3DS? It's coming to North America, too. Priced at $199.99,  you'll get this lovely green 3DS XL with Yoshi's silly little dino body running across its front. There are even cuter Yoshi eggs on the back! Thi...

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Meet Yoshi's New Island, same as the old island

Do you know what's fun? Making Yoshi noises. Come on. Do it. The tongue grab. The flutter jump. The ground pound. Such an animated dinosaur. Hamza and Dale are really good at making Yoshi noises. Yoshi's New Island is also fun.

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Yoshi's New Island looks a bit better in this trailer

Yoshi's New Island is looking much better in this new trailer from today's Nintendo Direct presentation than it did in prior videos (though that's not saying a whole lot). This time around, we get to see new mechanics like metal giant eggs...

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Yoshi's New Island getting a limited 3DS console bundle

Not that I'm complaining, but I am starting to get a bit confused at just how many limited edition 3DS's Nintendo plans on releasing. Is it to plant a "collect 'em all" mentality? Are the nostalgia mainlines every few months a business str...

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This Yoshi's New Island trailer just makes me sad

I had thought that, with time, I'd come to accept -- or at least not outright despise -- the art direction of Yoshi's New Island. That's looking like a lost cause. Granted, the game doesn't hit 3DS until March 14, and supposedly "different...

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Yoshi's New Island gets a March release date

Nintendo has confirmed the release date for Yoshi's New Island -- March 14, 2014. The game is being developed with Takashi Tezuka on staff, who was the creative director of the original game. Yoshi and Baby Mario will return for a...



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