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Combolicious arcade-style shooter Wrack leaves Early Access

After more than six years in development, Final Boss Entertainment's attractive-looking arcade FPS Wrack is now a finished game and available for purchase on Steam. To celebrate, the team has released this exhilarating launch trailer full ...


Wrack is going to swallow me up

Why the hell is this the first time I've mentioned Wrack? I really want to bring it up a lot, but obviously I'm a bit rubbish. Remember when shooters were all about lubing up, slipping and sliding through intricate corridor mazes, and slau...



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Might of uh, might of went a little nuts with the MTG: Forgotten Realms set This is half of what my store got in, Wife and I are going to host a draft for that booster


Im in it Ignore the Marvel Was making dividers and filing


Happy Birthday Actual Charleton Heston!

Electric Reaper

The plaintiff in a court case submitting a part of the their documents as a comic book is pretty funny, though Im not sure how the judge will


So heres what Ive been up to


Aw yeah, my Foo Fighters disco album came in the mail!


Merry Christmas Actual Charlton Heston! Youre the best Charlton Heston!

Inquisitive Raven

*Waits for Netflix to pay for a full season of this*


Photo taken moments before A fun disaster that is!


what is man but monke persevering



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