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"You can't stand in the way of progress" is a favored motto of your resident capitalist, and no company knows that better than Endron, the energy corporation currently sucking the life force directly out of our dying planet. But this ecolog...



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Chris Moyse

Lordy, I wish someone had the gall to still make trailers like Hope yall had a very happy TORSO! (Edit: Had a happy weekend, not have, duh)


Playing more Persona 5 Strikers and man is it annoying me even more now that they didnt just put a simple dodge move in Dragon Quest Builders not asking for anything fancy just a simple dodge


Rad! Green Jello has a new single and upcoming album! What year is it?

Inquisitive Raven

The NEO TWEWY soundtrack is sounding good so far! There seems to be an increased emphasis on the punk side of things, but I hope they do more of the rap/j-pop/experimental stuf,


Only 4 days left until NieR Replicant drops! Drew the iconic line to celebrate! (Bump because theres an exciting new trailer in the comments)


Are people really that upset about Days Gone 2 being canned, or is this another vocal minority, Snyder situation? Its a decent game but theres not one feature in it that cant be made to fit a new the news broke with Sonys safe bet approach

Chris Moyse

Moyse Mail


Existential Status:




Some friends I made on Discord aggressively got me into Jokes on them though, Ive been sweeping with Im having fun with the SP



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