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It's always strange to see a successful series come and go. It happens in every medium -- a bright new talent swoops in, drops a masterpiece, then the IP holder struggles to monetize it. Sometimes individual works of art were meant to stand...

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Valkryia Revolution gets some free themes and DLC for launch

To celebrate the release of Valkyria Revolution next week, Sega has released some free themes for PS4 and PS Vita users (I'm sorry Xbox One brethren). The two different styles are the same on each platform, just made to order for smaller/la...



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Whispering Willow

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is my first Yakuza game and Im pretty happy with Its also pretty cool how it goes from goofy moments to serious crime drama to making a good effort to explain how people become marginalized and why they must be


I did I found a

Ricky Namara

So am I crazy or are the major characters of Genshin Impact are named after Goetian Demons?


I shall in fact rock the


It seems like Square is using AI upscaling for the new Saga If youve ever played their games using pre rendered BGs youd notice the characters look great but the background are pixel This fixes that!


Is Send me pizza plz


For all you Souls game nuts and those unhappy/dis-heartened at changes made with the remaster, Eurogamer has written a great article about Link in ze


Whats your stance on horse porn? Neigh This clarifies nothing


Well since the new patch for ff14 is on the horizon, I think im ready to jump back It feels like its been months since my sub ended *Sees that my last sub ended on

Chris Bradshaw

honestly makes me sick that people on this site have to go to a job at a time like this, catching covid I hope whoevers exposed will take the time during their time off to start doing the paperwork to immigrate to canada next its



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