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Touhou fighter, more doujin games coming to PSN

A new crop of Japanese indie games are coming to PlayStation Network through Play, Doujin!, a joint effort between Sony and Touhou creator ZUN to bring doujin titles to PlayStation systems. Those games include: Touhou fighter Urban Le...



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WWE 2K Battlegrounds"That's The Wall, brother!"


Serious Sam 4"Why so serious?"


Hotshot Racing"3... 2... 1... GO!"


13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim"Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping"


Super Punch Patrol"I've got Jack Johnson and Tom O'Leary waiting for you right here"


Death and Taxes"In this world nothing can be said to be certain..."


Hades"Thank you, sir, may I have another?"


Super Mario 3D All-Stars"Lets-a-go back in time"


Spelunky 2"Time to go back in the cave"


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Another cloud gaming console brought to you by Because Im sure Stadias success warranted


If microsoft wants to buy a Japanese studio theres one Id be on board


Come join the fray! I finally got everything I need to quasi-high quality videos!


A Yakuza movie has been announced! It could go really well or really poorly considering the tone of the Hopefully its the former considering how the Sonic movie turned BTW, thanks for introducing me to the series DTOID community! Its


What the Hell is a Band Camp and why are Californians trying to use my money for it? I wanted a burger today but I guess Im going to be money-free until I get a new bank card

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Looks like Dragalia Lost is having its own anniversary Direct tonight! They tend to announce crossover events during Last time was I cant wait!


I know things are kind of a shitshow all around, but here is some cute fluff to hopefully help you smile a bit


Any amount is too much, but frankly I have seen waaaay too much Among Us rule 34 style I need to take a break from the


I just started watching Critical Role (100+ episodes of 3 - 4 hours each, what could go wrong?), and goddamn Matt Mercer is The carnival that starts at 2:08:08?


Been doing some Among Us fan art on post it The marketing team behind this and Fall Guys is Dig the ability to interpret this game in a ton of different ways and will do a full sci-fi painting here Instagram @upinsmokeproductions



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