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It is somewhat surprising we haven’t seen more games try to ape Dark Souls in the wake of its success. While there are a few big titles with similar mechanics (Nioh, Lords of the Fallen, and The Surge come to mind), most of those game...


Unworthy is another cool 2D take on Dark Souls

We always appreciate a good quickpost from the Destructoid community, and reader AlbertP has given us a wonderful gift indeed with his note about Unworthy, a cool-looking game currently flying under the radar. It's a Souls-like action-RPG,...



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Taur"Tower defense with an action-oriented hook"


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Dead Cells: The Bad Seed"It's good, actually"


Warcraft III: Reforged"Zug Zug 2020"


Wide Ocean Big Jacket"Those were the best days of my life"


Silver Falls: 3 Down Stars"At least the 3DS still has an extensive back catalog"


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I heard video game-based movies can be good, so I bought Angry Birds 1+2 on I hadnt even heard 2 coming out until Did I like them? Well, theyre in my backlog like everything


I want to make a movie thats 50% people whispering and 50% extremely loud The title will be Thumb

Chris Bradshaw

not enough is being said about how great this xbox series x controller may feel in the hands


Saw you all talking about this a couple days ago, so why not toss some more wood onto the fire eh?


Think all the tech stuff with next gen is Think the most underrated feature is gonna be For gamers that play JUST on console, its gonna blow their minds how wicked fast everything is gonna

Pixie The Fairy

Unlike some people, I dress properly for


What do you feel about opening a video or stream, expecting it to be in English, just to find out it is in another language?


I wrote a blog about my disappointing trip to Dave & Come check it out


#FinalBump1of2 ($140 to go for my car!) Making 2 final stabs at this, as after fender bender, I am in a Im grateful for all the help so far, but Im not gonna keep harassing yall for I need to get my car Link inside comments


I really wish there were more short games, or atleast better paced Im wearing thin on 120+ hour games where 110 of those hours are meaningless busy Or when certain games pull the true ending



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