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Bring back Uncharted: Fight for Fortune, you cowards

I've been playing my Vita a lot more lately. The rekindling of my love sprung from a recent playthrough of Resident Evil 3, which was spurred by my review of the Resident Evil 2 remake. Sony's little portable is such an easy way to pla...

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Review: Uncharted: Fight for Fortune

I don't care if you're a professional tarot reader: no one could have predicted an Uncharted card game. Out of all of the Sony franchises to choose from, I guess it saw fit to create a card game based around the idea of collecting treasure,...


Uncharted 'fans' FUUUUURIOUS at card game spin-off

Uncharted: Fight for Fortune was only officially revealed this morning, but already the "fanbase" is up in arms and inconsolable at the idea that a spin-off game would dare to actually spin off from something. THE VERY IDEA! At the time of ...


Uncharted: Fight for Fortune announced for PS Vita

An all-new Uncharted game is coming to PlayStation Vita, but unlike Golden Abyss, it'll be taking a less traditional approach. Uncharted: Fight for Fortune is a card-based strategy game that seems to have a tiny bit of inspiration from the...



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Oh, Analogue sold I guess I dont need an expensive gameboy now that I think about


Pocket is Managed to get one and a dock so I am


I got myself an Analogue Pocket! Now to a


Reading the Halo Waypoint post where 343 does damage control for Infinite (link This stood Its wild the channel I used to watch for framerate analysis gets an acknowledgement from the devs of Microsofts next flagship console game lol


Why do you Americans pronounce Craig like that, whats wrong with Cant you read or what do you not learn how to pronounce letters at school?


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Started playing Outward with my SO Its really rough around the edges, but its the most fun Ive had in a Co op game in a Very difficult at first


Started playing Bastion this weekend, so far I like it well enough but my wife dislikes it just because of the voice-over Also remembered to visit ACNH for the fireworks last night, it was cute

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ay these three xbox games over

Dangus Taargus

Finished Sucker Punchs first game Rocket: Robot on Not bad for an early physics based N64 I think Space Station Silicon Valley is up Fan patch is applied and it runs great! Always need an N64 game on the Plenty I



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