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Two Worlds II

I'm not sure which piece of news surprises me more: that Reality Pump intends to make another Two Worlds game "over the next 36 months," or that the studio is continuing to spend time on Two Worlds II with a new engine update and multiple DLC packs planned for this year.

According to publisher Topware Interactive, eight multiplayer maps and two single-player expansions, Call of Tenebrae and Shattered Embrace, are in production. The official site has some screenshots.

Tenebrae, which is due out in Q2 2016, has to do with horrible rat people called The Chosen murdering Dar Pha. I had to look up who that was, having never played the game, and the Wikia page calls the character a "mysterious and extremely attractive half-Orc assassin." Boys will be boys.

The engine enhancements will bring about "a much higher level of character and landscape detail, an HD-GUI, in addition to tons of in-game achievements, co-op multiplayer, and lots of new in-game features and upgrades." Two Worlds II is several years old, so the timing is odd, but it has its fans.

As for Two Worlds III (this naming scheme is so silly I'm actually fond of it), there isn't much of substance to share yet. The game is only now about to move past the "concept stage."

Topware Interactive [Facebook via GameSpot]

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