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Trick-filled new trailer for Trials Fusion

Ubisoft has released this new trailer for Trials Fusion, with a look at some of the flips, grabs and holds possible with the game's new FMX trick system. Trials may not have needed more ways to screw up a landing, but this is certainl...

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Trials Fusion will be late on PC, but there's a beta soon

Originally slated for an April 16, 2014 launch across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, Trials Fusion is now going to be a bit late on the latter platform. It's a Ubisoft game, after all. The new date for PC is April 24, however a ...

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Preview: Trials: Fusion is daring and really bizarre

The year was 2009. Back when the Xbox 360's XBLA Summer of Games was all the rage, a small little downloadable title called Trials HD came out of nowhere and won the hearts of players. With two sequels, and several million copies sold, Tri...



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Finished Doom You dont need me to tell you how good it is, but if I had to, heres my review in one sentence: diamonds cant match how hard I am right Very strong GOTY Now for the ultra nightmare


I want to preorder the Xenoblade special edition from Game UK, since they have it available, but I cant since they require an actual UK phone

Voltaic Owl

First mow of the year! Mowing made me want to play Monster Hunter for some Then Mario Maker Then Golden Sun, Chrono Trigger, and Harvest Moon? Anyone else have weird/random associations like that?


How come no one tells me theres a Megaman fangame of THIS caliber coming up? Entirely new artstyle from the ground up, damage numbers, aditional playable This is the good


Really solid




The Last of Naughty 💀


Ive finally finished the Bass Awards, which Ive been working on in the past few months! Link in the Edit: Weekend bump, please let me know if you try them out!


Omg omg omg omg



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