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Arizona Sunshine"Down with the sickness"


The Sims 4: Parenthood"A seamless improvement on the original"


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Star Fox 2? Are you kidding me?

Rin Tohsaka

Oh I sure hope this doesnt become a thing I have to tackle all this Spreads through SMB,


The worst thing about miniatures is how you get gripped with the sudden need to collect an army (buy miniatures, basically), a dream that is pointless in the face of shipping, painting, having the second player and actually going out to


We live in mcCarthy era Anyone and everyone is


I have 2 SNES Minis I hope yall get a chance to pick one up and dont get

Silver Luso

Me morpho?! How dare anyone assume I anyone petty?! Of course I am


The biggest wildfire in the US is in It was caused by a moron burning A moron who was previously told not to burn weeds by the police because it could start a

On Air Fish

Calling it now: Silver Luso is I could be totally


I realize that Im going full Defense Force here, but its good to keep in mind that UK games retailers are meant to the If its the only place in the world that has pre-orders up, yeah its going to go Doesnt say a whole lot

the navi is a lie

So today was supposed to be my first day of work but the computer system used to make my schedule is down so no work for me today!!! Now my plan is to work on some blogs and work on coding and my