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Tom Clancy's The Division

Have you always wanted to try out Tom Clancy's The Division but never found the opportunity in the one and a half years since its release? Well now you can, gratis, as the Ubisoft shooter is free to play, this weekend, for PC gamers.

Starting today, the online-only, stealth-action, tactical, squad-based, open-world, hobby-grade, RPG shooter is available to all on PC. You have only to download the software via Uplay, and then you can jump online with your buddies and get started popping rival teams in and around a dilapidated Manhattan.

For the duration of the weekend, the game will be available to purchase at a reduced price, and your progress will carry over into the main game should you pull the trigger on picking it up. The free weekend promotion closes September 17 at 1pm PDT.

Tom Clancy's The Division free weekend [Ubisoft]

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