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The Yawhg: news and videos

 The Yawhg review photo
The Yawhg review

Review: The Yawhg

"The Yawhg will be here in six weeks.... and no one expects it." An air of nervousness hangs over the town; there is much to be done but so little time. What is The Yawhg, can it be stopped, and what will be left if it wreaks its anger on t...   read



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Sundered"Beauty and the Beast"


Hey! Pikmin"Hey! Ho! Let's go!"


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Marcel Hoang

I liked this apartment up until new people were hired as garbage truck Old ones parked the truck and walk down the alley my windows in to get the New ones FUCKING BACK THE WHOLE TRUCK DOWN AND WAKE EVERYONE UP WITH THE ReVERse

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

This morning Ive been having a bunch of frustrated living-at-home thoughts I cant physically do anything about, so theyre just accumulating in my Not the best way to start off my


The stage theme for Ryu Suzaku Castle is fucking I also played a little bit of Abigail and while his story mode is garbage, his fighting style is rather


We got rid of Disqus ads on All it took was a bit of convincing!

Raiku Shackleford

I just heard a fan artist is getting death threats for Dream Daddy fan Fuck off with that And Im now seeing people try and defend Just


I sent requests to a lot of peeps on Switch for to play Splatoon 2, ARMS, or Mario Kart 8 Check them requests and tell me if you want my stank stinking up your friends list in case I missed ya! <3


However unlikely, I often think to myself wouldnt it be interesting if someone else broke into the console But then I think but with what? Anyone else ponder this?

Dante Kinkade

Done with the Mafia III dlc for the most part, and now for the final run through the game before I am done with it for good, the murder everyone but Vito and non killable character Then onto Rime and Pyre and my growing


Today is the first day of my new habit of getting up at 7 (Real alarm clock, phone turned off before Im sick of feeling lethargic all the Also getting back into running daily and eating I waste so much time Fuck


Is the #SandwichWars still going? Well, come


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