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[Additional note from the author: This blog contains scenes of nudity from a game. If your religious values or moral values are offended by digital recreations of human nudity, please do not read this blog. If you are a minor and have never seen digital recreations of the human naked body on the Internet, please do not read this blog.  If you are a feminist who believes that all naked representations of women are solely created from the male gaze for the salacious entertainment of heterosexual men or homosexual women, then do not read this blog.  You've been warned! Now go outside and play, or go read another blog or something.]

I finally got around to playing The Witcher 3. Consistently throughout the game, there are varied circumstances where my manly man has the opportunity to assist a lady in apparent distress... and on many of these occasions, I'm told I'm wrong.  Triss actually got quite angry with me and was quite clear that when she needed my help she would ask for it.  In another random encounter, I came across a man trying quite persistently to pick up a woman on a street corner.  I intervened (because XP points!) and during the conversation I quickly had various options -  one being to ask the woman if she needed help.  Being a woman (playing a manly man), I did this, and quickly discovered that this was a couple role playing and that my manly man was destroying the mood.  I quickly apologized and walked away (and got my XP points).   In the expansion, I came across a woman in multiple circumstances.  In one situation she was being accosted by drunken men and on intervening she informed me (in no uncertain terms) that she was capable of looking after herself and said something to the effect that a knee to the bullocks or a jab to the throat would have easily dissuaded these drunken men.  Later I came across her wielding a sword and beating off some bandits.  She did thank me for my help in this instance but again stated she was capable of defending herself. 

This was not an unusual occurrence in the game.

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