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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: news and videos


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It looks as if save files from the vanilla version of The Witcher 3 will not be compatible with the upcoming Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition. That is likely to come as a bummer to anyone who held out on grabbing any of the DLC for the main game.

The reason behind this oddity has to do with software incompatibility on consoles. The community coordinator for CD Projekt Red, Marcin Momot, explained this detail on the company's official message board.

"The save files on consoles won't be compatible between different game versions (GOTY vs regular version) as they are treated by systems as separate products. This is something that's not up to us. Sorry."

I don't really buy that as Dynasty Warriors 8 allows you to import your save from the PS3 to the PS Vita or PS4, but I guess this isn't that big of an issue. Complete packages are typically meant for late adopters, even if the discounted price usually means spending less.

On the bright side, the GOTY edition will include a separate Achievement/Trophy list. Nothing was mentioned about the PC version, so I guess the "master race" wins again...

Warning: The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition won't let you carry over save data [Eurogamer]

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