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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

There are those who will say the Wii U never stood a chance. With its confusing name, poor marketing, and the lack of a blockbuster Nintendo-developed title at launch, it stood no chance of being the success its forebearer was. That’s what they will say, and if you look at sales numbers for it, they’re correct. The Wii U is Nintendo’s poorest selling home console, managing to move just a few million more units than the ill-fated Sega Dreamcast. For those who didn’t own the system, it looked dire. Multiple developers stopped creating games for the Wii U, leaving Nintendo, a company already splitting its resources between the console and its 3DS line, and the bustling indie scene to keep the system afloat. With the announcement and release of the Switch, the Wii U is quietly and slowly being shuffled off this mortal coil with just a few titles remaining in the works for it.

Of course, sales are just one way to judge success and as I am not a stockholder with Nintendo, it’s not the barometer I use. I judge success by the quality of the experience, and the past four and half years have seen some of the highest quality games ever to come out of Nintendo and the industry in general. Were there droughts? Absolutely, but when it finally rained, players found themselves doused in excellence. With the Switch taking off and Nintendo’s last big release for the console in the history books, now is as good a time as any to take a look at our favorite games for the Wii U.

So I asked my fellow Destructoid writers to name their 10 favorites for the system. After giving them a week to reflect on the matter, I tallied up the votes and made this definitive list of Destructoid’s top 10 Wii U games. Many deserving titles failed to make the cut, but the ones that did absolutely earned their spot.

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