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The Last of Us

Amazingly, it's been five years since Naughty Dog released their stealthy survival horror title The Last of Us. Launching on PS3 (and later PS4) to incredible hype, the game was a smash hit with the gaming community thanks to its creepy atmosphere, dramatic storytelling and vulnerable leads, Ellie and Joel.

Naughty Dog celebrated the miserable title's five-year-old birthday by tweeting out that the game has sold a whopping 17 million copies to date, over both formats. This is in line with the numerous awards it has received over the years, as well as its ongoing relevance in gaming history, with upcoming sequel The Last of Us Part 2 already getting the fan community all hot and bothered.

Footage from the new game was shown during PlayStation's E3 conference this week, which you can check out right here in all its gory glory. You can also read our own Brett Makedonski's thoughts on how the sequel is shaping up right here.

The Last of Us is available now on PS3 and PS4.

The Last of Us celebrates 17m sales on fifth anniversary

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