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The Evil Within: news and videos


The Evil Within

The headline says it all, check please.

Just kidding. In an interview with, Bethesda Softworks vice president Pete Hines enthusiastically said that The Evil Within made enough money to justify a sequel. He also thinks that Rage performed similarly. To quickly temper the sudden expectation of a hungry Internet, he made sure to say that he didn't want to confirm or deny anything, but that he "[does] think both The Evil Within and Rage did well enough that we could make sequels.

I'd be down for both. I liked the first three-quarters of The Evil Within before it got all urban and dumb, and Rage was cool before it suddenly ended. Looking back, they both definitely suffer from lackluster back halves.

Bethesda's Pete Hines talks The Evil Within 2 and Rage 2 [Finder]

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