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The Elder Scrolls Online : news and videos


The Elder Scrolls Online

Hearthfire may not have been the best DLC for Skyrim, but fans latched onto the base-building mechanics and loved their inclusion in Fallout 4. Many felt it was an integral part of the fun factor for the title, allowing you to stake a claim in the vast world Bethesda had created. The joy of buying furniture is soon coming to The Elder Scrolls Online with the "Homestead" update.

Slated for early 2017, Homestead will give players the chance to buy a home in ESO. Each house will be an instanced location, so there shouldn't be any fighting over plots of land. Players will have the ability to customize the house to their liking as well as invite their friends to tea.

There is going to be a wide range of items available for customization. Around 2,000 pieces of furniture will be include along with 40 different types of homes with styles ranging from elaborate manors to small cottages. Some of the home exteriors will be based on the different Elder Scrolls races.

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