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The Elder Scrolls Online : news and videos


The Elder Scrolls Online

Okay, okay -- you got me! I'm not one to typically follow along with the latest Elder Scrolls Online happenings, but when ZeniMax is floating around words like "Morrowind," I'm bound to take a look.

When the MMO's Morrowind expansion lands on June 6 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, new players can bypass the current Elder Scrolls Online content and head straight for Vvardenfell if they so choose. Similarly, folks with an existing game account can upgrade and start playing new level-appropriate content from day one. The standard pricing for the expansion (lord knows there's pricier options and pre-order bonuses galore) is $60 for new players, who will get access to both Morrowind and ESO: Tamriel Unlimited. Existing players who are merely upgrading will need to pay $40.

ZeniMax is promising 30 hours of "main story content," a 4v4v4 Battlegrounds mode for PvP, and the bear-commanding Warden class. The story setup: "Morrowind is in dire peril and it's up to player heroes to help Vivec, the legendary warrior-poet and Guardian of Vvardenfell, solve the mystery of his mysterious illness, regain his strength – and save the world from ultimate destruction."

If nothing else, non-ESO players, you can probably enjoy this cinematic trailer for what it is.

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