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The Banner Saga: news and videos


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Transformers: The Last Knight"I'm running out of synonyms for bad"


The Mage's Tale"Toil and trouble"


Review in Progress: Nex Machina"Robotron evolution"


Arms"Noodling around"


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Silver Luso

Maybe Ill post cute stuff


I got next week The best part is I didnt This is better than finding 100$ in an old

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Good morning! This seems like a nice song to wake up


Unreleased footage between the hardcore Destructoid Conservative No Fun Allowed Party, and Enthusiast Gaming with the rest of


Couldnt sleep and decided to mess around in phantasy star on the DC for a I was very surprised to learn that Androids dont have traps in this

Mike Martin

I got my penis stuck to a box of bagel This is why I


CNN blowing my mind this


So, last night I dreamed that Nier: Automata begins with 2B standing on a floating platform in a ruined city listening to a gigantic rodent shaped like a beachball before engaging in the camera Is this weirder than the actual start of the game?

Dennis Carden

I rescind my rescinding of my criticisms over The service wont let you gift entire seasons of an anime series to people, which means that my plans of forcing Prisma Illya upon poor, unsuspecting Dtoid-ers has been made that much more


It has been only 24 hours but I feel so welcomed in this