The Amazing Spider-Man 2: news and videos


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Both of the Amazing Spider-Man games that were last released on consoles were how should I say...playable. They tried to recapture the magic of the old school GameCube-era 3D series, but had a decent number of bugs that got in the way, especially with the second game.

Well you won't have to worry about being tempted by them anymore, at least digitally on Wii U, because they're gone. In the middle of the night they've been removed from the eShop, and official copies have been delisted from retail stores in North America. Of course, licensing is probably to blame, but we've reached out to Activision for more details.

In any case both of them aren't too rare, but they aren't exactly common either. Prices for used versions of the first run $20-$30 online, though you can get the second for around half that.

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