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Team Fortress 2: news and videos


Team Fortress 2

Not to get all morbid here right before Christmas, but sometimes, I feel like the odds aren't terrible that Team Fortress 2 will outlive me. (Well, all of us, really.) Valve's eternal team-based shooter is chugging along with updates, and this week, it's the traditional holiday "Smissmas" event as you would hope and expect. Naughty, nice -- who cares! As long as you show up, you'll get a Stuffed Stocking.

This week's update isn't merely about spreading holiday cheer with cosmetic items. Now, when Casual matches end, players will roll into a new game automatically and have a vote on the next map. There's also a volunteer-based autobalance system for Casual matches and community servers in which players can gain bonus XP by switching over to the other side to balance things out as needed.

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