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THUMPER: news and videos



Drool's rhythmic space-beetle adventure Thumper is coming to Xbox One this spring.

Play it yet? You should, some day, if you're partial to on-rails rhythm games. Here's a quick thought from my eight-out-of-ten review for the PlayStation 4 version: "It's intense. Genuinely intense. I don't mean in a typical 'Thank eff I made it through that hard part!' way. It's more like 'Holy shit, after that, I couldn't play another level even if I wanted to. I'm just drained. And now I'm going to bed.'"

Aside from the existing console and PC versions of Thumper, there's also an in-the-works Nintendo Switch port -- similarly due out this spring -- with the promise of "Rumble Violence."

Thumper's Blend of Rhythm Violence is Coming to Xbox One This Spring [Xbox]

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