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Transformers: The Last Knight"I'm running out of synonyms for bad"


The Mage's Tale"Toil and trouble"


Review in Progress: Nex Machina"Robotron evolution"


Arms"Noodling around"


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Gundy Nepbane

People are doing #cutetoid and no one has posted Kemono Friends? Ill fix that!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED for this Rosalina shirt! I almost wanna open up a discounted commission to get

Robo Panda Z

You dare start #Cutetoid without me? Bow before my might, unfluffy mortals!


Saw CeX selling a Switch for 350 quid, just further confirming their status as high street

Rin Tohsaka

#cutetoid aruru

Double Monocles

Im trying to learn some essential phrases to prepare for the future of How do you say Youre wiafu is shit in Canadian?


Can someone add an English translation to this Polish video for Observer?


Prost! Frau Wunderbar!