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Review: Superhot: Mind Control Delete

As I continue to get older and somewhat jaded with video gaming, I'm finding myself getting bored with run-of-the-mill games that don't use the medium to its full advantage. Conversely, I find myself lavishing praise on the ones that do. Re...


Superhot is about to get a roguelike expansion

Did you get your fill of Superhot? The time-moves-when-you-do shooter is about to receive a "deeper, longer, rogue-like" standalone expansion and I am down. Mind Control Delete hits Steam Early Access on December 7, and it'll eventually be ...



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Whispering Willow

Ubisoft making a game based on Avatar checks out because to me they are about as relevant to me as James

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Dranking, hanging Asked lady face to be Coffee Cup and she said Sending out good vibes yall


I keep forgetting this is E3 Been too busy being gay with


We pose


Am Is (Update)

Punished Nietzsche

When i saw the news about an Ubisoft Avatar game, i thought cool, maybe it will be like a side story without Aang or was the OTHER The one people dont


My friend has had a Dora the Explorer doll on his roof for well over a decade and a half He just sent me a picture of what it looks like and honestly, scarier than any horror game for me the past few Ill put it in the


Paralives really do be scratching that Sims


Looks a lot like Dont Starve, but if it grew up with an abusive foster family until one day a 7-foot tall Scot told them they were a



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