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Stardew Valley: news and videos


Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is worming its way back into my life. News of a beta update put the farmer-life sim back on my radar last week, and in the days since, I realized that its soundtrack is accessible through Spotify. I've been chilling out to those songs, particularly tracks like "Winter (Nocturne of Ice)," ever since. Now that the update is ready for a final release today, it's time to return to my mess of a farm.

We already covered what all version 1.1 entails, but I've included the developer's notes again for a quick glance and a trailer with which to hinge these words on. I doubt I'll start a fresh farm until the co-op update rolls out, so the extra layout types won't be of much use yet, and I also don't tend to prioritize the relationship side of Stardew Valley. I'm still not even married! No divorce for me.

That said, it sounds like I've got a wizard to chat up and bank-busting buildings to lay down.

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