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Stardew Valley: news and videos


Stardew Valley

I've wrestled free of Stardew Valley. I don't know how I got away from the soothing farm life sim, but I did, and I'm hesitant to so much as look at its listing in my Steam library unless I have no obligations left for the day. This isn't a game I can play for "just a little bit." It's a multi-hour commitment.

With all that said, dang, I might be about to head back in. There's an important update currently in beta testing that you can and probably should get (right click on Stardew Valley in Steam, hit "Properties," click "Betas," and choose "beta"). If you'd prefer to back up your saves in case of a possible but "very unlikely" data tragedy, you can find your files in the %appdata%/StardewValley/Saves" folder.

All set? Let's run through the list.

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