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Starbound: news and videos



This is not the same Starbound I remember playing two-plus years ago. Not even close!

As of today, Chucklefish's extraterrestrial sandbox adventure game is no longer on Steam Early Access because, well, it's finished. The full release version for PC and Mac is out now across Steam, Humble, and for $14.99. This has been such a long time coming, but they kept at it. "We could not have made it this far without the support of our wonderful community," said the developer.

I've mentioned it a few times in the leadup to launch, and I'll say it once more while it's still relevant: I want to give Starbound another honest-to-god shot now that it's done. More specifically, I need to know what the deal is with that floating monkey head shown at 2:20 in the trailer.

What's next for the game? Plenty more updates, I'd imagine, and eventual console ports.

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