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For a while now, Star Citizen has existed in my mind as this nebulous, far-off thing. That doesn't change today. Cloud Imperium Games has once again pushed back the space sim's single-player, story-driven, Gary Oldman-having Squadron 42 module. It won't see a release this year.

Speaking at the fourth-annual CitizenCon event, CEO Chris Roberts said "It's really important to do it right. [...] As much as we wanted to have Squadron 42 for this year, it is not going to be this year because, for all the polish we need to do, it still needs more time." A revised launch window wasn't given, but from the sound of it, every story chapter is in a "gray-box" state or "better."

As much as I associate this production with delays, at least for the Squadron 42 side of Star Citizen, I'm in no rush to see that pushed out the door. If and when I play the campaign, it'll likely be once, and only once, whereas the rest of the game's experiences will in theory grow and change over time, giving me more of a reason to check back in as things are further fleshed out. One of these years...

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