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SoulCalibur: Lost Swords: news and videos


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Transformers: The Last Knight"I'm running out of synonyms for bad"


The Mage's Tale"Toil and trouble"


Review in Progress: Nex Machina"Robotron evolution"


Arms"Noodling around"


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Waaay too happy about towed guns being a thing in Steel and being shown towed, too!


Id join in this cutetoid thing but I cant post a picture of my if I class it up a bit and put a top hat on him?

Dennis Carden

#CuteToid is in dire need of I mean, just look at it! Isnt it adorable? I want I want one so I just want to hug it and pet it and never let it


Red Pandas are my favourite






#cutetoid My wife is obsessed with these little critters

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED for this Rosalina shirt! I kinda wanna open up a discounted commission to get


Im really digging Horizon Zero Dawn! So far the robot dinosaur hunting is everything I wanted it to b- wait, why does it smell like poutine in here?