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Holy flying Shenmue reference: Sonic Racing Ryo DLC on PC

I've never been more happy about being trolled than when I saw Shenmue protagonist Ryo Hazuki as DLC for the mobile version of Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed last year. The trolling continues with the PC release of this DLC, now up ...



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Runner3"Lets-a go"


Deadpool 2"Doubles down on everything, for the better"


State of Decay 2"It's hard out here for a survivor"


FRAMED Collection"Caught in the act"


Fox n Forests"Run n Jumpin'"


Atlanta Robbin' Season"Television's most underrated show knocks it out of the park, again"


Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux"Strange things are happening to me"


Laser League"Multiplayer competitive Jezzball"


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Surprisingly my new computer tower arrived just now as I got back from a Soon it will be filled with


I recognize that Fallout 4 is a bit of a black sheep, but man, I love Ive spent 30 hours just wandering, completing quests as I find


Holy fuck am I Wooooooo!


Cant remember who recommended for us to watch Cobra Kai on a qpost, but THANK YOU!

Dr Mel

This is genuinely


Could Dtoid perhaps be a bit better at letting me know when Ive been PMed? I dont usually check the email of the account associated with this account, when I do things get spammed, and Im finding messages like a month old that I wish Id seen


Watched Blazing Saddles again Such a hilarious

Electric Reaper

These days, it seems like more Steam Early Access games are early or late betas rather than alphas or Some of them can even be played through to a clear end and credits While this is great, Valve seriously needs to fix Steam


Anyone playing Pokemon Go in the DFW area? I need help getting a shiny My mons are weak as shit, but they make great

Mike Sounders

When the final boss is claiming hes going to destroy you, but youve been grinding for hours because of the area before him and youre going to wreck him as a



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