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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

Back up your saves. Dust all your consoles. Buy protectors and scratch-proof cases. Eject your discs properly. Choose life.

That's what all the clever clogs say, sometimes chastising you while you grieve. But some of us like to live life on the edge. And then we have to deal with the consequences.

When you have a finite amount of time and money with which to play games, problems with your hardware or twenty-hour save files that vanish into the ether can be a real sour note. If you're someone like me, who gets easily bored by repetition and replaying the exact same parts of games with the exact same outcomes, corrupted save files can be ruinous. I seek solace, though, in the fact that something similar has happened to nearly everyone and we can wallow in our misery together.

So, what tragic tales do I have to tell about consoles consigned to the rubbish dump and lost progress? Pull up a pew, for I have quite a collection...

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