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Saints Row IV: news and videos


Saints Row IV

This week, popular digital retailer Green Man Gaming launched a Deep Silver Sale. The sale was OK, but nothing exciting (else we'd have mentioned it earlier). Things changed today as most of the titles listed below got a savings bump from 50% off to 75% off.

This means lowest historic price on Metro Redux Bundle ($7.70), Saints Row Ultimate Franchise Pack ($8.47), and other series bundles such as Risen, Sacred, and Dead Island. Previous Xbox One timed exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome also hit a new low price of $10.40.

All excellent titles to grab to bulk up your backlog, which is obviously on the thin side these days due to the lack of sales event. FYI: Everything listed below is a Steam key so I'm not sure why we're doing the whole (Steam) label thingie.

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