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Saints Row 3, Gods Eater Burst go free on PS Plus today

Sony continues to turn up the heat this summer as it follows up a strong showing at E3 with yet another excellent week of PlayStation Plus. Saints Row: The Third headlines this week's free offerings, giving folks who missed out on THQ'...


HAWP: Rip Van Ashley wants to play Saints Row: The Third

The latest episode of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'? premiered at PAX last week before being uploaded to GameTrailers. I held off posting it until now out of anger and resentment from not being able to attend the show. It definitely wasn't beca...


Storm's Adventure with Saints Row: The Third

Finally catching up with most of the holiday 2011 titles that I cared about, Saints Row: The Third comes into my life to brighten my day.  It isn't as colorful as Saints Row 2...or as crazy...or as funny...or as expansive...or as good...


Steam's weekend deal is Saints Row: The Third

Praise be to the Discount Gods! If you've wanted to check out Saints Row: The Third and have been waiting for a price drop, now is your chance: it's currently going for $16.99 on Steam.  The Season Pass is also discounted at $6.79, whi...


Saints Row: The Third adds some Penthouse Pets

For some reason, THQ is still pumping out Saints Row: The Third downloadable content. This time, the DLC will add Penthouse Pets Nikki Benz, Justine Joli, Ryan Keely, and Heather Vandeven. The Pets will join your gang and can be summoned t...


Saints Row: The Third - Enter The Dominatrix announced

It turns out THQ really wasn't trying to fool you when it announced Enter The Dominatrix on April 1st, 2012 -- sh*t just got real! Coming this fall, the standalone expansion Saints Row: The Third - Enter the Dominatrix will be hitting the s...


Saints Row: The Third gets 'Gangstas in Space' next week

The next downloadable content pack for Saints Row: The Third may very well be the first one I end up grabbing. "Gangstas in Space" is coming to all platforms this Tuesday for $6.99 (or free, if you happen to have a Season Pass). The add-on ...


This is exactly how you're supposed to play Saints Row 3

Egoraptor just pooped out a new animation based on Saints Row: The Third. It's a lot shorter than his more recent vids, clocking in at a mere 11 seconds. However, you'll probably agree that he successfully managed to condense the key highl...


THQ stops publishing kiddy games as SR3 ships 3.8 million

THQ has revealed that it plans to drop out of the licensed kid game market entirely, refocusing its efforts on so-called "core" games such as Saints Row: The Third. This news came at an investor meeting, where it was also announced that Vol...


GenkiBowl VII has begun!

The first DLC for Saints Row: The Third has been released and this trailer was released with the express purpose of encouraging you to purchase the addition. GenkiBowl VII brings all new missions centered around the mad world of Profe...


The best: Team Fortress 2 masks in Saints Row: The Third

I had completely forgotten that Volition planned to mash Team Fortress 2 up with Saints Row: The Third. Even if I had remembered, this still would've been a terrific surprise. Just look at the Heavy's hilariously creepy face! I can't stop l...


CheapyD is coming to Saints Row: The Third for free

Saints Row: The Third players will be able to have Cheap Ass Gamer's CheapyD fighting alongside you starting on January 17! The CheapyD Pack will be a free download and features many lovely phrases from the man himself such as "No one fuck...


GenkiBowl VII is coming to Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third is getting some new downloadable content! And it's not just sh*tty exploitative costume and weapon packs for once. The "GenkiBowl VII" pack is the first mission pack for Saints Row that will introduce four new games: ...


PS3 Saints Row: The Third bonus content: Saint's Row 2!

The bonus content for the PS3 version of Saint's Row: The Third has been revealed by THQ today. Get the game and redeem your online pass in 90 days and get a digital copy of Saints Row 2 for free! Sometimes "additional content" is crap...


PS3-exclusive content not in Saints Row: The Third

At E3, THQ promised an exclusive gameplay mode (featuring the dildo bat) in Saints Row: The Third for PS3 users. It seems, however, that such a promise was not kept, with no extra PS3 features appearing whatsoever.  THQ has refused to ...


Japan asks Saints Row 3 to remove veins from its dick

The Japanese version of Saints Row: The Third is going to be slightly censored after authorities expressed concern over the "Penetrator" melee weapon. For those not up on their innuendo, the penetrator is the giant purple dildo that flops a...


Review: Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row 2 is one of my favorite games of this generation. Taking the silly violence of "Grand Theft Auto III trilogy" and ramping it up to near-farcical degrees, Volition created a game that was like nothing else out there, despite ...


THQ details the Saints Row Season Pass

With plenty of downloadable content for Saints Row: The Third planned, it seems only natural that THQ and Volition would come out with a season pass. The Saints Row Season Pass ($19.99) gets you three mission packs and the Nyte Blayde pack....


Online pass required for Saints Row: The Third

In news that should surprise very few people, THQ has found a way to make sure that an online pass is required for Saints Row: The Third, even with competitive multiplayer being scrapped. The online co-op for both campaign and Whored Mode w...


Saints Row: The Third game show goes full length

This isn't the first we've seen of Tim and Eric's interpretation of Saint Row: The Third''s fictional mascot Professor Genki and his "Japanese" game show. There have been bits and pieces of this thing around for a while, but now,...


Saints Row: The Third brings pimps, gimps, Burt Reynolds

Here's a new trailer for Saints Row: The Third and I think you know what to expect by now. It's yet more utter stupidity and baudy nonsense, punctuated by ... wait ... wait is that Burt Reynolds? Yes it is! Oh for crying out loud, what doe...


Rollin' with a zombie in latest Saints Row: The Third vid

THQ released a new trailer for Saints Row: The Third today. I don't know if you could really call this one weird when placed against the other bizarre and wonderful videos produced to market the game. Two dudes, one of whom speaks lik...


Saints Row: The Third PC is 'not a port'

Volition has recognized that the PC version of Saints Row 2 was generally considered outright garbage, and has promised that Saints Row: The Third won't saddle computers with a shoddy port job.  "As many of our PC fans are probably awa...


Tim and Eric provide a trailer for Saints Row: The Third

Tim and Eric, the guys behind the aptly named Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, have teamed with THQ to make an episode of Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax from Saints Row: The Third a reality. The video above is a tease...


It's satchel-charge madness in Saints Row: The Third

I'm sure when most of you saw the tagline for Saints Row: The Third, you didn't think "strap it on" literally meant strapping on a dozen satchel charges and running head long into a group of gun-toting luchadores. But hey, you learn someth...


Confirmed: The 'cockney' voice is back in Saints Row 3!

The fabled "cockney voice" of Saints Row 2 became a bit of a cult hit among fans of the series, and it's hardly surprising -- seeing a gruff Londoner act like an American gangsta is pretty hilarious, and he had all of the best taunts. ...


Saints Row 'Initiation Station' closed beta goes live

Those who want to get a head start on crafting their character for Saints Row: The Third can do so now by way of the Initiation Station beta. Assuming they either pre-ordered Red Faction: Armageddon or bought the Saints Row: Double Pack, w...


Six glorious naked hours with Saints Row: The Third

This is it. We're less than a month away now from the release of Saints Row: The Third. THQ invited us out for one last extended look at this insane open-world crime game, giving me complete freedom to play around in Steelport. The night be...


Yup, Saints Row: The Third has a 'Whored Mode'

On top of the main storyline and co-op play in Saints Row: The Third comes a third game mode called "Whored Mode." Yes, you read that right. Whored Mode shares the same basic concept as any other Horde mode where you and a buddy will go up ...


Shock and awe(some): Saints Row: The Third trailer

I see what you did there, Volition. Even if you don't regularly keep up on first-person shooters, most of the ones set in the present have developed a certain style when it comes to trailers. Leave it to Saints Row: The Third to step in an...


How to juggle mascots in Saints Row: The Third

With explosive rounds in hand, you can "juggle" characters in Saints Row: The Third, as this comically brief video shows. Harming innocent mascots has always been the way to go, at least where I come from. THQ will be putting out more of t...


Saints Row: The Third PC is NOT scheduled for delay

On September the 30th, THQ and Volition confirmed that the PC version of Saints Row: The Third is scheduled to release when they said it would. It's wonderful to hear that even PC enthusiasts will not have to wait any longer than promised t...


GameStop wants you to become the 'Ultimate Player'

GameStop is putting together a pretty awesome sweepstakes to promote Saints Row: The Third. All you have to do to be entered is pre-order the game between September 28th and November 14th and then pick up your copy by November 22nd. Or, if ...


Another look at Saints Row: The Third's Professor Genki

As a fan of both The Running Man and the brand of humor Volition is bringing to Saints Row: The Third, Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax is highly relevant to my interests. In this latest video, we're given a look at the...


This new Saints Row: The Third trailer is SAACK!

Every now and then, a videogame comes along that reminds us all why we got into videogames in the first place. I have an idea that Saints Row: The Third is going to be one such title. This trailer, which takes more than a few cues from Tim...


Saints Row: The Third goes virtual in new trailer

The latest trailer for Saints Row: The Third reveals one of the new gangs that the Saints will cross paths with, The Deckers. These are tech-loving criminals who are into hacking, fraud, and all the hands-off, mess-free stuff. Until, of co...


Saints Row: The Third to get 40 weeks of DLC

THQ's Brian Farrell has revealed that Saints Row: The Third will be supported with enough downloadable content to spread over forty weeks. This is all part of the publisher's new get-rich-quick scheme, in which it pours a ton of post-launch...


Saints Row: Money Shot sure is a thing that exists

Hot on the heels of The Most Stupidly Awesome Collector's Edition of 2011, THQ's Saints Row franchise seems to want to keep itself in the spotlight. Some scraps of information have circulated from a number of sources pointing to something c...


Saints Row The Third: Smooth Criminal Edition is perfect

Saints Row The Third already looks outrageously deranged. From the Professor Genki pre-order bonuses to the ability to adjust your genital area on a whim, developer Volition seem to want to give new meaning to the phrase "no holds barred." ...


Saints Row The Third writer talks dildos, boobs & Shaundi

Gah, finally. I've been wanting to talk about Saints Row: The Third since last Friday, and yesterday the embargo was finally up. I got to talk to Drew Holmes, the game's lead narrative designer (or "writer") about all the wonderful things ...


Oh yeah! Saints Row: The Third has a story

In all my excitement about giant dicks and boobs in Saints Row: The Third, I totally forgot that there's a story. I mean, I knew there was going to be something but I just forgot that it will actually matter. The latest trailer for one of ...


Give yourself a giant penis in Saints Row: The Third

So I talked about this in my full hands-on preview, but I felt this news needed a story of its own just so everyone is aware here. In case you haven't found out yet, Saints Row: The Third has a new "sex appeal" feature that's been added to ...


Saints Row: The Third is the definition of a fun game

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Videogames are way too serious. Don't get me wrong. Serious games can be fun. What I'm mostly agitated by is the state of gaming where not a lot of crazy outrageous games are being produced. Rememb...


Getting some air in Saints Row: The Third

THQ has released the above video for Saints Row: The Third which takes you through the game's second mission, "Freefalling." The Saints have been taken captive by The Syndicate aboard a luxury jet following the heroes' recent bank hei...



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