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TV programmes, films, books and games give us the opportunity to explore distant worlds without even having to leave the comfort of our own bedrooms; they also allow us to see representations of countries and towns that we wouldn't be able to visit in person. Intercontinental travel is still as expensive as hell, and a lot of people still don't own a passport, since they don't anticipate being able to venture beyond their home country any time soon.

I have never left the European Union (well, that will change next year...) I moved to Germany from the UK three and a half years ago, so I probably do have the desire to travel pumping through my veins, but the farthest afield I have travelled from my hometown of Rotherham is a holiday to Lanzarote when I was two years old. As a youngster, my parents were nervous about long-distance flights, and as a 26 year old, the funds for my dream holiday sadly need to go towards other more pressing matters, such as saving for a deposit.

But games that do the globetrotting for me are adding to the list of places I would visit if I won the lottery. Who knows? Maybe if interest rates become anything less than godawful, I will be able to plan one or two of my dream vacations in a few years' time. So, here are the games that have wanted me to get out of my armchair and pop down to the travel agent's office.

Did Catherine make you want to do a space tourism?

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